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Vitomar Souza

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The world of stories is a puzzle, and your tales are the missing pieces. Begin your narrative journey, fitting in sagas that complete the picture. Your storytelling artistry is set to dazzle the world. My stories constantly explore our most profound feelings. It is also my first love because it comes within my perception of living life and dreaming without fear. I've been published on a few screenwriting, fiction, and poetry websites. I'm a writer who has decided to remain unknown to protect my right to enjoy the things about life without the convulsions of success. I'm not looking for praise but to share my stories and poems with people who enjoy reading. I've been writing stories and poems since childhood, encouraged first by my struggles growing up, and then as I keep moving on, it becomes the little light at the end of the tunnel, which entices us to believe in ourselves. The world surrounding me inspires me to explore new worlds.