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Hello. Name's Kelly. Twisted.Gemini is my Title. I go by She/Her or They/Them pronouns. I'm Bi/Pan. I am not girly, hate anything to do with being girly. I'm very tomboyish, love to dress more in a boyish style or anything comfy. Beside being tomboy, I am also consider (by many) to be very Emo or Goth. I'm very Introverted & have social anxiety. I'm a artist, mainly traditional art but I am learning to do digital art. I'm also a Furry. I love anything animals, I also draw mainly animal then people. Made many OCs. Also love mythical creature. I love to write. I do my own work or make a AU out of my favorite shows, games &/or movies. My Favorite things: Art, Music [KPop, Acapella, Reggie, Hispanic etc.], Writing, Animals, Fantasy, Witch/Wicca, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Western, Games [Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, etc.], Supernatural, Paranormal & Documentary. Yellow, Purple, Black, Brown & Green are my favorite colors. The things I hate are judgy people, Idiots, media [X mainly] & show offs.