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'andre finds solace and growth in the power of love and the healing art of writing. In the heartfelt story "Lost in Longing," Ethan overcomes heartache and learns to embrace the present, becoming a resilient young man ready to pursue his dreams. Inspired by Luna's tale of bravery and hope in "The Mermaid's Hope," andre believes in the power of perseverance to overcome adversity. Meanwhile, 'andre embraces the value of unity and negotiation, drawn from Celestia's journey in "Queen of Steam and Steel." Like the courageous siblings in "Lost in Space," andre knows the indomitable human spirit can overcome even the most challenging situations. And finally, andre understands the fragility of power and the constant struggle for peace within oneself, inspired by the conflicted Queen in "Thorns of a Kingdom." Through these stories, andre seeks growth, resilience, and hope.'