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Logan Wakefield

8 Videos, 12 Stories

Logan's Story:

loganw23, an adventurous soul who enjoys the tranquility of Central Park in the summer nights, shirtless and barefoot. With an insatiable curiosity, he stumbles upon a mysterious soccer game in "Barefoot in Central Park," setting off a thrilling journey into the unknown. Fueled by a love for gardening and a desire to capture the attention of his neighbor, Andreas, in "The Unseen Attraction," Loganw23 embarks on a charming quest for connection. In "Unveiled Bond," he explores the complexities of friendship and intimacy as 17-year-old Oliver takes his sleeping shirtless best friend into uncharted territory. Loganw23 dives deep into the peculiar customs at an all boys high school in Eislingen, where shirtlessness and smoking reign, in "The Shirtless Code," revealing a world of secret societies and the struggle for freedom. Engaging in the endurance challenge of being shirtless and barefoot for two weeks in "Barefoot and Shirtless," Loganw23 discovers the strength within himself and the power of solidarity.