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Unkown's Story:

'Unknown' is a mysterious and enigmatic storyteller whose narratives delve into the realms of darkness and resilience. From the legendary tale of Aurelia, the town's protector who faced the horrors of the Bullet Eggs, to the cautionary love story of Alden and the monstrous Louty, 'Unknown' weaves captivating tales that remind us of the power of unity and the consequences of judging based on appearances. With a touch of despair in the devastated robots' world in "The Rise of B.I." and the awe-inspiring journey of Senkyo the Phoenix in "Phoenix's End," 'Unknown' creates narratives that explore the boundaries of imagination and the everlasting impact of legends. However, 'Unknown' also explores themes of unity and strength in "Interplanetary Engagement," where Crown Prince Hiro's bravery and commitment to peace highlight his potential as a visionary leader. Discover the captivating worlds created by 'Unknown,' and be prepared to journey into the unknown.